Daniel Dobrogorsky (Founder)

Daniel’s job is to design and innovate. With past experience in the medical and FMCG sectors of Product Design he recently completed a PhD in Design Studies. His research asked three fundamental questions. What is an Object? What is Design? And what is the relationship between theory and practice? Daniel believes that ideas and concepts are just as real as materials and forms. He identifies as a realist, materialist & idealist.

   Jess Juliano (Human factors & psychology)

Jess’s job is to experience and understand all the human subjectivities inside particular object interactions. She trained as a psychologist and sociologist contributing many knowledge findings to her field in academia. Jess loves to capture expressive moments in an image having a background and passion for analogue and digital photography.

   Max Mϋller  (Research & technical support)

Max’s job is research & testing. He has previous experience as a research assistant performing literature reviews, finding all the relevant background data and building test rigs. Max is a self-identified maker and tinkerer who values bespoke objects over mass replicates, like his restored 1960s pagelli steel-road bike.