This was an automotive concept produced for a design competition which was looking towards the future car of 2020. This design was also used as a main project for the Visual Communication and Design, V.C.E. subject. The vehicle was called the H2 2020 Tribrid as it was powered primarily by hydrogen and solar radiation it used hydrogen in a fuel cell to power four in-wheel electric motors and also could use that hydrogen in an internal combustion engine for extra power when needed. When the hydrogen electric hydrogen combustion and solar came together we coined the car a Tribrid. Very blue-sky, but during this technological period hydrogen was only emerging as an alternative and feasible fuel source.

Some other notable features included: a carbon fiber monocoque body, electronic air flow management system, electro chromatic panoramic windscreen, aerodynamic wheel spats, WAN/GPS capability, keyless entry, HID/OLED headlights, recyclable thermoplastic customizable body panels and an infra-red camera monitory system.  All the normal software was used: 3ds Max, V-ray and Photoshop for post-production.