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2018 Innovation Methods Mapping
VanPatter, G., & Pastor, E. (2018). Innovation methods mapping : De-mystifying 80 years of innovation process design. New York: Humantific Publishing.
De Landa, M., & Harman, G. (2017). The rise of realism. Cambridge: Polity.
2014 Why Is There Philosophy of Mathematics at All? 
Hacking, I., & Cambridge University Press. (2014). Why is there philosophy of mathematics at all? Cambridge : Cambridge University Press.
#Mathematics, #Philosophy
2014 Universal Principles of Art
Parks, J. A. (2014). Universal Principles of Art: 100 Key Concepts for Understanding, Analyzing, and Practicing Art. Quarto Publishing Group.
2014 Form & Object
T. Garcia, Edinburgh University Press.
2014 The Systems View of Life
Capra, F., & Luisi, P. L. (2014). The systems view of life: a unifying vision. Cambridge University Press.
2013 The Quadruple Object
Harman, G. (2011). The quadruple object (pp.20-50). Alresford, Hants, UK ; Washington, DC: Zero Books.
2012 Universal methods of design
Martin et al, Mass.: Rockport.
#Design-Methodology, #Popular-Culture
2010 Vibrant Matter
Bennett, J. (2010). Vibrant matter a political ecology of things. Durham; North Carolina: Duke University Press.
2010 Hyperobjects
Morton, T. (2013). Hyperobjects. University of Minnesota Press.
2010 Universal principles of design
Lidwell, W., Holden, Kritina, & Butler, Jill. (2010). Universal principles of design
#Design-Methodology, #Popular-Culture
2010 Designing Things
Boradkar, P. (2010). Designing things : A critical introduction to the culture of objects (English ed. ed.). Oxford, UK ; New York: Berg.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design, #Industrial-Design
2011 Design thinking: Understanding how designers think and work
Cross, N. (2011). Design thinking : Understanding how designers think and work (English ed.). Oxford ; New York: Berg.
#Design-Methodology, #Foundational-Discourse, #Industrial-Design
2010 The universe of design: Horst Rittel’s theories of design and planning
Protzen, J., & Harris, David J. (2010). The universe of design : Horst Rittel's theories of design and planning. Abingdon, Oxon [England] ; New York, N.Y.: Routledge.
2006 Designerly Ways of Knowing
Cross, N. (2006). Designerly ways of knowing. London: Springer.
#Design-Methodology, #Foundational-Discourse
2002 Design: A Very Short Introduction
Heskett, J. [2002](2005). Design: a very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2002 Cradle to cradle: Remaking the way we make things
McDonough, W., & Braungart, M. (2002). Cradle to cradle : Remaking the way we make things. New York: North Point Press.
#Ecological, #Popular-Culture, #Social-ideology
2002 Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by nature
Benyus, J. (2002). Biomimicry : Innovation inspired by nature. New York: Perennial.
#Design-Methodology, #Ecological, #Popular-Culture, #Social-ideology
1998 Fundamentals of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
Krulikowski, A. [1998] (2012). Fundamentals of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Cengage Learning.
1995 Artificial Life
Langton, C., & MIT. (1995). Artificial life : An overview (Complex adaptive systems). Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.
#Computing, #Techne, #Vitality
1994 Technics & Time
Stiegler, B. [1994](1998). Technics and time: The fault of epimetheus (Vol. 1). Stanford University Press.
1991 Total design: integrated methods for successful product engineering
Pugh, S. (1991). Total design : Integrated methods for successful product engineering. Wokingham, England ; Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley Pub.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design
1989 Ecology, community & lifestyle
Næss, A., & Rothenberg, David. (1989). Ecology, community, and lifestyle : Outline of an ecosophy. Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press.
#Ecological, #Philosophy, #Social-ideology
1989 Engineering design methods: Strategies for product design
Nigel Cross, NJ: J. Wiley.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design
1987 Design Thinking
Peter Rowe, Mass.: MIT Press.
1983 The Reflective Practioner
Schön, D. (1983). The reflective practitioner : How professionals think in action. New York: Basic Books.
1980 How Designers Think
Lawson, B. [1980](2006). How designers think: the design process demystified. Architectural Press.
1979 Gaia : A new look at life on earth
Lovelock, J. (1979). Gaia : A new look at life on earth. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press.
#Ecological, #Social-ideology
1979 Industrial Design Raymond Loewy
Loewy, R. [1979] (1988). Industrial design. London: Fourth Estate.
#Corporate-ideology, #Foundational-Discourse, #Industrial-Design, #Popular-Culture
1977 The Automated Architect
Cross, N. (1977). The automated architect (Research in urban sociology ; v. 4). London: Pion.
1972 Design for the real world
Papanek, V. (1972). Design for the real world : Human ecology and social change (1st American ed.]. ed.). New York: Pantheon Books.
#Ecological, #Foundational-Discourse, #Industrial-Design, #Social-ideology
1970 Design methods: Seeds of human futures
Jones, J. (1970). Design methods : Seeds of human futures. London ; New York: Wiley-Interscience.
#Design-Methodology, #Foundational-Discourse
1969 Design with nature
McHarg, I. [1969](1992). Design with nature. New York: J. Wiley.
#Ecological, #Popular-Culture
1969 The Design of Design
Glegg, G. (1969). The Design of Design. Cambridge University Press.
1969 The sciences of the artificial
Simon, H. A. [1969] (1996). The sciences of the artificial (3rd ed.). Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse
1968 Difference & Repetition
Deleuze, G. [1968](1994). Difference and repetition. New York: Columbia University Press.
1968 General system theory
Bertalanffy, L. (1968). General system theory : Foundations, development, applications (Rev. ed., International library of systems theory and philosophy). New York: G. Braziller.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse, #Systems-Theory
1968 The nature and art of workmanship
Pye, D. [1968](2008). The nature and art of workmanship. London: Cambridge University Press.
#Foundational-Discourse, #Gemstones
1967 The Social Construction of Reality
Berger, P. L., Luckmann, Thomas. [1967](2011). The Social Construction of Reality : A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge. Open Road Integrated Media, Inc.
1967 The measure of man and woman : Human factors in design
Tilley, A., & Henry Dreyfuss Associates. [1967] (2002). The measure of man and woman : Human factors in design (Rev. ed.). New York: Wiley.
#Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse, #Industrial-Design, #Popular-Culture
1966 Self-reproducing Automata
Von Neumann, J. (1966). Theory of self-reproducing automata. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.
1964 The nature and aesthetics of design
Pye, D. [1964](1978). The nature and aesthetics of design. London: Barrie and Jenkins.
#Foundational-Discourse, #Gemstones
1962 Introduction to design
Asimow, M. (1962). Introduction to design. Prentice-Hall.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse
1961 Cybernetics: or control and communication
Wiener, N.  (1961). Cybernetics : Or control and communication in the animal and the machine (2nd ed.). Cambridge, Mass.: M.I.T. Press.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse, #Systems-Theory
1958 On the mode of existence of technical objects
Simondon, G. [1958] (2016). On The Mode of existence of technical objects. Univocal Publishing.
#Foundational-Discourse, #Techne
1956 An introduction to Cybernetics
Ashby, W. (1956). An introduction to cybernetics. London: Chapman and Hall.
#Design-Methodology, #Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse, #Systems-Theory
1955 Designing for people
Dreyfuss, H. (1955). Designing for people. New York: Simon & Schuster.
#Design-Methodology, #Foundational-Discourse, #Industrial-Design
1951 Heraclitus Seminar
Heidegger, M., & Fink, Eugen. [1951](1993). Heraclitus seminar (Northwestern University studies in phenomenology & existential philosophy). Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press.
#Philosophy, #Techne
1949 Human Action: a treatise on economics
Von Mises, L. (1949). Human action : A treatise on economics. New Haven: Yale University Press.
#Corporate-ideology, #Economics
1943 The Fountainhead
Rand, A. (1943). The fountainhead. Bobbs-Merrill Co.
1942 Capitalism, socialism, and democracy
Schumpeter, J. A., & Swedberg, Richard. [1942](1994). Capitalism, socialism, and democracy. Routledge.
1934 Technics & Civilization
Mumford, L. [1934] (1963). Technics and civilization. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World.
1934 The Logic of Scientific Discovery
Popper, K. [1934] (2002). The Logic of Scientific Discovery. Routledge.
1932 The Concept of the Political
Schmitt, C. [1932](2008). The concept of the political Expanded edition. University of Chicago Press.
1931 Man and Technics
Spengler, O. [1931](1940). Man and technics : A contribution to a philosophy of life.
#Techne, #Vitality
1929 Civilization and Its Discontents
Freud, S. [1929](1962). Civilization and its discontents. W. W. Norton.
1927 Process and Reality
Whitehead, Alfred North [1927](1978). Process and Reality. New York: The Free Press.
1921 Economy & Society
Weber, M., & Tribe, Keith. [1922](2019). Economy and society. I : a new translation. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press.
#Economics, #Social-ideology
1917 On Growth & Form
Thompson, D. W. [1917](2014). On growth and form. Cambridge University Press.
#Philosophy, #Vitality
1916 Form & Function
Russell, E. S. (1916). Form and Function: A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology. J. Murray.
#Philosophy, #Vitality
1911 Creative Evolution
Bergson, H. [1911](2022). Creative evolution. Routledge.
#Philosophy, #Vitality
1884 The Foundations of Arithmetic
Frege, G. [1884](1960). The foundations of arithmetic; a logico-mathematical enquiry into the concept of number. Harper & Brothers.
1882 The Science of Joy
Nietzsche, F. [1882](2001). The Gay Science
#Philosophy, #Religion-Mythology
1877 Elements of a Philosophy of Technology
Kapp, E. [1877](2018). Elements of a philosophy of technology : On the evolutionary history of culture (Posthumanities ; 47).
1872 The expression of emotions in man and animals
Darwin, C. [1872] (2009). The expression of the emotions in man and animals (New ed.] ed., Penguin classics). London ; New York: Penguin.
1867 Capital
Marx, K., & Fowkes, B. [1867] (1977). Capital : A critique of political economy. New York: Vintage Books.
#Economics, #Social-ideology
1859 The origin of species
Darwin, C. [1859] (1963). The origin of species. London : New York: Dent ; Dutton.
1818 Frankenstein or The modern Prometheus
Shelley, M. [1818](2008). Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus: the 1818 text. Oxford University Press.
#Literature-Poetry, #Techne
1812 Science of Logic
Hegel, G. [1812](1975). Hegel's Logic : Being part one of the Encyclopedia of the philosophical sciences (1830). Oxford: Clarendon Press.
1781 Critique of pure reason
Kant, I. [1781 & 1787 versions](1999). Critique of pure reason. Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press.
1776 The Wealth of Nations
Smith, A. [1776] (1970). The wealth of nations (Everymans library). London: Dent.
#Corporate-ideology, #Economics
1750 Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Hume, D., & Gaskin, J. C. A. (1998). Principal writings on religion : Including Dialogues concerning natural religion and The natural history of religion (Oxford world's classics (Oxford University Press)). Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press.
1714 Monadology
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Newton, I., Cohen, I. Bernard, & Whitman, Anne Miller. (1999)[1687]. The Principia : Mathematical principles of natural philosophy. Berkeley: University of California Press.
#Philosophy, #Religion-Mythology, #Science
1651 Leviathan
Hobbes, T. [1651](2012). Leviathan V1-V3. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
1641 Meditations of First Philosophy
Descartes, R. [1641](2017). Meditations on first philosophy: with selections from the Objections and replies. Cambridge.
1620 The great instauration
Bacon, F. [1627](1989). New Atlantis and The great instauration (rev. ed.). Wheeling, IL: Harland Davidson.
#Philosophy, #Science
1596 The Merchant of Venice
Shakespeare, W. (2018). The merchant of Venice (Third edition.). Cambridge University Press.
1542 Treatise on painting
Da Vinci, L. [1542](1956). Treatise on painting : (Codex urbina's latinus 1270). Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.
#Foundational-Discourse, #Philosophy, #Science
1259 On Creation
Aquinas, T. [1259](2011). On creation Quaestiones disputatae de potentia Dei, Q. 3 . Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press.
#Philosophy, #Religion-Mythology
400 The City of God
Augustine. [400](1958). The city of God. Image.
-20 On Machines
Athenaeus, D. (2004). Athenaeus Mechanicus, On machines = Peri mechanematon (Historia (Wiesbaden, Germany). Einzelschriften ; Heft 182). Stuttgart, Germany: Franz Steiner.
-30 Vitruvius De Architectura
Vitruvius. [-30](1931). On Architecture, Volume I: Books 1-5. Loeb Classical Library 251. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
#Engineering-Design, #Foundational-Discourse, #Techne
-50 Lucretius On the Nature of Things
Lucretius. (1975)[1924]. De rerum natura (Loeb classical library ; 181). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.
#Ecological, #Philosophy, #Techne
-300 Euclid’s Data
Euclid. [-300](2003). Dedomena: Euclid's Data, Or, The Importance of Being Given.
#Computing, #Foundational-Discourse, #Mathematics
-300 Aristotle Complete Works
Aristotle & Barnes, J. [-300](1984). The complete works of Aristotle: The revised Oxford translation (Bollingen series ; 71:2). Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.
#Foundational-Discourse, #Philosophy
-400 Plato Complete Works
Plato, Cooper, J., & Hutchinson, D. S. [-400](1997). Plato. Complete works. Indianapolis, Ind.: Hackett Pub.
#Foundational-Discourse, #Philosophy
-430 Aeschylus Prometheus Bound, Unbound & the Fire-Bringer
Aeschylus & Sommerstein, A. [-430](2008). Aeschylus (Loeb classical library; 145, 146, 505). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.
#Literature-Poetry, #Religion-Mythology, #Techne