This brief required a new transistor radio design which fitted inside a 110x80x130mm envelope. The radio  needed to utilize injection molded components, including a speaker, tuner, volume controller, battery hatch and needed to house an internal PCB.

this product concept called the Radio Runners. They come in a pair and act like running weights but both function as a radio with each Left and right speaker creating a surround sound running experience. Headphones are also an option.  I decided to target this fitness market as exercising with an IPod or Walkman in your pocket really creates unwanted bouncing and uneven weight distribution. Having the audio device divided evenly into both hands overcomes this somewhat. There are a lot of flaws and work-arounds within this design however there was only 4 part-time weeks allotted to produce it so it’s not bad for the time frame.

The deliverables for this project included a sketch folio, concept renderings, exploded view renderings and a soft model. Since this was a first year I.D. Studio subject, our lecturer wanted hand renderings rather than digital renderings.