The Aerodynamic-Dashboard is a multipurpose storage device for commuter cyclists.  It provides quick access to small essentials (within its main storage compartment) without getting off the bike. This design configuration also provides a dashboard surface for the rider to place small items such as a phone or other hand held device.

Frontal lighting and turn signaling are unified whilst the aesthetic appeal of the once skeletal pushbike has become elevated. Lighting/signaling controls are located at the rear, above the handlebar and night riding visibility is also increased via the reflective decals. The Aero-Dash creates a streamlined/drag resistant presence at the front of the bike, guiding laminar airflow over and below the rider rather than through the rider.

The product is attached via a quick release handlebar mount, the front nose handle aids during mounting. The Aero-Dash PET visor can change connection points to allow for compact handling and storage.

This project really morphed from the previous ‘Eco-Chic’ brief however key inspirations proved to be planar bodies and existing motorcycle nose cones.

This brief required the product be developed to a prototypical stage, therefore a final model was constructed as shown below.