This studio project was called “Re-design”. The brief was open one could create a design solution to anything you wanted but the catch was you had to do this using  re-usable product components and recycled materials. It was a  green design project aimed at changing the conventional cradle to grave product life cycle to a cradle to cradle cycle. A personal transport device called the UniGlide was pursued its product description follows.

It’s a real bother and quite boring getting around a large University by foot! Precious time and energy is wasted moving from point A to B. Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and foldable scooters are good but lack many important aspects essential to traversing an urban environment. The UniGlide, fabricated from an old roller-skate, skateboard, snowboard bindings and scrap metal/fasteners will get you there efficiently and in style. The combination of the inline wheel’s undercarriage and orientated skateboard trucks allow for super tight turning and maximum stability. UniGlide Move as one!

The entire concept was born from the idea of getting around an urban environment with a one foot skate on.

Before the final design and prototype came together, a short period of time was spent deconstructing existing products to learn about their design and manufacturing processes employed.

The UniGlide is fabricated from 100% old, used or recycled products and anyone can make their own! A video of the UniGlide in action is below.