In parallel to the PurePort’s  manufacture, the product’s packaging and user experience also required design attention, in particular the un-boxing experience, social media and logistical freight considerations.  An important output from this process was an instructional how-to video integrating our latest product prototype and our preferred methods of use.


See video here.


In order to arrive at this final stage, much design thought  was focused on packaging, un-boxing and usage. Costs here were minimized while user value maximized.


The unboxing experience was tested using photo realistic rendering and this provides a final standard, in terms of quality, to aim for as we move closer towards mass production.



An instructional manual was also developed in a folded accordion style. One of the last stages in finalizing the proper modes of usability and confirming human factors of the product and procedural usage.



Point of sale, bar-coding, logistics & carton packaging were also considered and designed for appropriately.